Prayer Stations : Advent

Prayer Stations : Advent

You can download this resource as a PDF to enable you to print the station instructions



The attached prayer stations on the theme of ‘Advent’ are based on a poem called ‘I want to be Joseph…’ which can be used to introduce the stations or printed out for people to read as they enter the space. They are designed to be printed on A4 paper but you should be able to adjust your printer settings to your local paper size.
The Stations can be set up with minimal props but from experience, they are much more interactive and visually appealing if props are used. Photos showcasing how this can be done are included in the comprehensive user manual which is included in this document.

Setting Up The Stations

Depending on your context, you may like to just stick the printed sheets to the wall or you may prefer to set up stations on small tables using fabric and lights to create a different mood.
You might like to have some gentle, relaxing music in the background but music tastes differ so it’s also worth thinking about whether it is a good opportunity to engage with silence.

The Stations