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This is the home page for all of the SIL HR Polices. It provides convenient links to the administrative policies, procedures, guidelines, and other related documents.  The HR Policies are a part of the SIL Administrative Policy Manual. Below are direct links to the most commonly referenced SIL HR polices and require SIL system access. If you are unable to access, please contact or

Duty of Care Policy  - Policy that defines  specific Duty of Care responsibilities.

Staffing and Placement Policy  - Policy that defines the way in which SIL will place staff into assignments.

Care & Wellbeing Policy  - Policy that defines SIL's responsibility to care for its staff.

Staff Behavior Policy  - Policy that defines the conduct that SIL expects of its staff.

Response to Staff Misconduct Policy  - Policy that defines SIL's commitment to fair process in responding to a breach of the staff behavior agreement.

SIL International Membership - Administration Policy and Forms  - Policy that defines the purpose, responsibilities, benefits, criteria for granting, and the categories for membership in SIL.

HR Orientation - Level 1 Training

An introduction to working in HR in SIL for new HR workers:

HR Orientation - Level 2 Training

Further HR training for new HR managers:

i.  SIL adheres to the highest level available which is currently GDPR (European General Data Protection Regulation)

Principles of GDPR:

ii. Make sure you are aware of any local labor/employment laws in consultation with your leadership or Area HR.

Forms and Templates

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Workplace Inquiry/Investigation

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Advisory Notices

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Outside HR Organizations:

SIL International Administration (IA) HR and International Language Services (ILS) HR

What are they and how do they differ from Global HR?

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