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What we do 

The Global HR Staff Care department seeks to equip, inspire and connect workers with Staff Care responsibilities in SIL.  Through this, we aim to establish a shared understanding and standard of quality in Staff Care that supports the wellbeing and resilience of workers. ▼ 

We can only do this work in close collaboration with HR and Staff Care, and other specialist care  workers on OU,  Area and Global levels, aligning our services to realities on the field.  We are part of the Global HR department in SIL International. The Staff Care department hosts Mental Health Strategy, the Counseling department and various SIL Staff Care development programs. 

Vision and framework

Staff Care in SIL encompasses a range of practices offering holistic organisational support to staff and their family members. This support is both proactive and responsive, and is focused on individual, community and workplace wellbeing and resilience. ▼ 

We see Staff Care in SIL as the shared responsibility of different parties in the organization. HR and Staff Care have a specific task in equipping staff and actively promoting their well being. Supervisors and OU leaders have responsibility for a healthy and fitting work environment. Colleagues and peers contribute to social support and spiritual community. The organization as a whole is committed to fulfilling its Duty of Care, which includes but is not limited to our standards, policies and guidelines. SIL Counselors, spiritual directors, coaches and others offer specialist support where there is a need for it.

Staff Care Practice

Staff Care practice as it is envisioned for SIL includes ‘a range of practices’ tailored to the individual worker, taking into account his/her strengths, phase of career, family members’ needs, and encompassing different areas of life. 

The support that is offered is defined as ‘holistic’, which includes spiritual, emotional, social and mental aspects of care, and it is ‘organisational’, which means that it is provided by and within the organisation. The organisational nature of care provision allows for it to be both ‘proactive and reactive’ and thus not solely dependent on the individual to request intervention. Instead, it is practiced as an anticipated responsibility within the organisational framework.

This definition states that Staff Care is ‘focused on the individual, community and workplace’.

Wellbeing and resilience are core purposes of Staff Care. SIL seeks to promote the wellbeing of staff and families in order to equip and sustain them in contributing to God’s Kingdom through our organisation’s work. Care for TCK’s and families is more extensively addressed on the page of the Global HR TCK Care and Education department.

We expect our staff to be faced with challenges and stressors in their work and lives as missions workers. Care provided should therefore be proactive and responsive in character, equipping our workers to bounce back (be resilient) when faced with expected and unpredictable challenges. Instead of waiting to offer care after a crisis arises, we strive to promote the resilience and skills of our workers so they are able to cope as well as possible. When staff is faced with highly stressful events, crisis care is offered in order for them to be able to recover and continue with their lives and work.

What we offer 

The Global HR SC department offers resources, events, and services that promote quality care for SIL’s workers. ▼ 

Resources and events


How to get in touch with care providers

You can contact the Global HR Staff Care department via

Mental Health in SIL

Global HR Staff Care is committed to supporting the mental health of all our staff.  ▼ 

In our understanding, mental health involves the effective functioning in daily activities, resulting in

• Productive activities (work, school, caregiving)

• Healthy relationships, and 

• Ability to adapt to change and cope with adversity

On the other hand, mental illness to refer to all diagnosable mental disorders; health conditions involving

• Significant changes in thinking, emotion and/or behavior

• Distress and/or problems functioning in social, work or family activities

Promoting mental health

The following principles  guide our approach to promoting mental health:


Against this backdrop, the strategy for promoting mental health strategy in our family of organizations includes the following steps:

If you would like to receive consultation on ways to support staff mental health, or if you have any other questions or input, please write to

SIL Counseling Team 

SIL Counseling Services

The SIL Global Counseling department supports the staff of SIL by engaging in preventive and restorative care for individuals, families, and teams. Our services may include professional counseling, psychiatric care, consultation, training, and crisis intervention. ▼ 

Services offered by SIL Global Counseling:

Please note that not all services are available at every location. Services may be in-person or online.


SIL Counseling

Mission & Strategies

Mission: We support the staff of SIL, a faith-based mission serving language communities worldwide, by engaging in preventive and restorative care for individuals, families, and teams. Our services may include professional counseling, psychiatric care, consultation, training, and crisis intervention.


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