Books on TCKs for Teens

Books About TCKs for Teens

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A Step from Heaven by An Na
This book is for older readers who can handle some of the difficult issues this book brings up. In many ways it is a hard look at a struggling immigrant family who goes through the acculturation process in various ways. TCKs will identify with the experience of cultural adjustment and learning to balance the culture of family and the host culture.

* And Bees Make Honey by Jill & Roger Dyer, (editors)
An anthology of anecdotes, reflections, and poems by third culture kids.

Between Two Worlds by LeAnne Hardy
Stuck in snowy Minnesota when she’d rather be back in Brazil, Cristina Larson finds that being stuck between two worlds can be both difficult and dangerous.

Footsteps Around the World: Relocation Tips for Teens by Beverly D. Roman
This book offers domestic and international advice to help teens deal with their complex feelings about moving, organize their belongings, prepare for college and part-time job interviews, select new schools, tips to make new friends, maximize their experience and more.

Habibi by Naomi Shihab Nye
When Liyana’s doctor father, a native Palestinian, decides to move his contemporary Arab-American family back to Jerusalem from St. Louis, 14-year-old Liyana is unenthusiastic. Arriving in Jerusalem, the girl and her family are gathered in by their colorful, warmhearted Palestinian relatives and immersed in a culture where only tourists wear shorts and there is a prohibition against boy/girl relationships. When Liyana falls in love with Omer, a Jewish boy, she challenges family, culture, and tradition, but her homesickness fades.

Moccasin Trail by Eloise Jarvis McGraw
Jim is a pioneer boy who was raised by Crow Indians until his teens. When he is reunited with his family, Jim struggles to understand and adjust to their values and to figure out where he really belongs.

Of Many Lands: Journal of a Traveling Childhood by Sara Mansfield Taber
A collection of memories/stories written by TCKs about their experiences and feelings about growing up in many lands.

* Scamps, Scholars and Saints by Jill & Roger Dyer, (editors)
An anthology of anecdotes, reflections, poems, and drawings by third culture kids.

The Wooden Ox by LeAnne Hardy
Keri is a typical teenager who lives in war-torn Mozambique, Africa. This is the powerful story of a young teenager’s crisis of faith in the midst of the worst trouble imaginable.

Books Written for or by TCKs

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