Balancing Family & Ministry

Parenting overseas while doing full-time ministry has its challenges. How do you balance having ministry and tending the needs of your family? Giving both family and ministry the time needed to make a difference can be a real challenge and is very individual. We hope some of these links will be helpful.

5 Ways to Balance Family & Ministry: This page lists five ways to balance your family and your ministry compiled by ministry veterans.

Balancing Missions and Family: Ann Dunagan speaks to the dilemma of choosing between “raising our kids” and “reaching the lost”—or is it possible to do both.

Balancing Priorities: SIL’s Dora Pauls discusses how to achieve balance between family and ministry.

Today’s Christian Woman: Balancing Family & Ministry: Three strategies are discussed for resisting family burnout and building a missional purpose together.

A Life Overseas: (blog entries)