TCK Education

Education Considerations

What are the Education Options?
Please explore these decisions before arriving in your field of assignment. The educational options available will differ from place to place. This section includes resources for After Secondary School.

How Do I Choose?
There are many issues to consider regarding different education options. Check out the schooling options in the first link.

Learning Issues
Professionals who specialize in helping children with learning issues can be a valuable resource to our families, but this sections gives resources and information about some general learning issues and some specific ones.

Educational Support Organizations
There are educational support organizations in Africa, Asia, and Europe to help families with all kinds of issues.

Academic Achievement & Developmental Assessments
There are several tools to make sure your children are staying where they should be academically and developmentally.

School Profiles

School Profiles
This is not an exhaustive list, and having a school profile listed does not signify an endorsement by SIL; we seek to give enough information that parents can learn more on their own.

This section covers some general articles pertaining to schooling, but the main focus in on teaching helps for homeschooling families with articles on both specific subjects and homeschooling issues.