Coaching Skills Workshop

“Coaching at its core is a series of intentional conversations. It’s a process which empowers a person to fully live out their calling. Because conversations are at the base of everything we do, coaching is the most effective tool I have seen for connecting with people, getting things done, and helping people learn and make changes.” Dr Keith Webb

Coaching is not a new program or something else to add to your already busy schedule. It is an approach to working in community. People who take this workshop expand their ability to draw out creative solutions of individuals, teams, and even partners while helping them take ownership to make it happen. Changing your conversations will change the results. Join others for a practical,  interactive, Biblically-based course with lots of skills practice built in. It is not a lecture.

Coaching skills can help you:

·     Listen actively so others feel you understand them.

·     Ask powerful questions that initiate a change of thinking.

·     Help people design action steps they can actually accomplish.

·    Generate feedback that avoids defensiveness

·     Follow-up to increase learning and accountability

Workshops for 2024-2025: Virtual

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What Others Are Saying: Coaching Workshop Interviews 

    “Using a coaching approach in her ministry with the local teachers was already having an immediate impact on team meetings as the teachers were free to share ideas and insights.”                                                   -A participant living in South Africa - May 2021


   “This course has enabled me to help my staff solve their concerns within the department. Before this course, my staff would ask to go to HR to solve concerns. Now I am able to ask questions that help my staff come up with solutions to move forward and save HR extra work. I feel empowered to do my job as an assistant manager”      

                            - Ken Tobiana a Papua New Guinean -  Store Assistant Manager Admin


   "I personally think that taking this coaching training was one of the best decisions I made this year. The skills shared at the training were a great edification for me. This is a must-have training for leaders and people who want to help others."     

                           - Antonin Azoti, Directeur, Wycliffe Togo


   "I highly recommend this coaching approach. It is very applicable to professional and family contexts. This workshop changed my perspective from always acting as a fixer to becoming a facilitator."      - James Akovenko, VP Mission Culture, Seed Company


   “I highly recommend this course for others in SIL who are working with people in a leadership or supervisory capacity.  This COACH model will give leaders a more people-oriented approach to their work, and should help to bring out the best in others.”     

                           - Doyle Peterson, Director Special Projects Office, SIL International

“There are a lot of principles that I'm using almost every day now. For example; when I ask the right questions it empowers my staff instead of giving the answer. Before I was mostly using closed questions and had the answer already. Now they feel more heard.”           

            - Gerwin Petersen (Dutch) CAM Manager

Fun Fact

The workbook for the Coaching Skills Workshop workbook is in 12 languages;

Chinese Traditional, French, Korean, Berman Der, Chinese Simplified, Dutch, Spanish, Indonesian, Thai, Khmer, Portuguese, and English